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  1. HI @all, i use enpass on iPhone and the Mac. I set the new passwords mainly per iPhone when I work with Enpass. I found out today, that the logins didn't sychronize between iPhone and Mac, so I made a new connection with Apple Cloud and synchronized the data. Unfortunately Enpass didn't synchronize with the latest password, but with the older passwords saved on the mac. So now all my newly set passwords are overwritten with the old passwords on the Mac, but not with the new oney. The Back-Up was made only for the Mac, but not for the iPhone, so I would loose about 15 accounts and credentials, if I use now the back-Up. How can I solve this issue? Enpass should now, if one password is older than the other, that its outdated normally or should at least ask while synchronizing. Can you please help me? Some very important passwords are now lost. Best Christina
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