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  1. Thanks the update. Would you expand upon the fix, please? Was the "work done on the gateway to Dropbox" within the iOS app? What steps did you take? The macOS version is syncing again for me, but the iOS version continues to return the 204035 error. UPDATE: I downloaded the current version of the iOS app on my iPad and followed instructions to register it using an email address. I powered down my iPad and left it off for 60 seconds before restarting. I went to the sync setting in the iOS Enpass app and selected the Dropbox account email address. It started syncing again and this time it worked. Thanks to all involved for getting this resolved.
  2. I'll add my frustrated voice to the "error code 204035" chorus - no joy syncing with macOS 10.15.6 (Catalina) and iOS 14.3.
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