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  1. Just backup your key-file anyway! multiple...
  2. Just cant read the full thread but I bought the Enpass Premium while havving ENPASS Pro lifetime activated... I try to delete Premium/request the money from google... But if thats not working, is the account switching back from 12 month premium to PRo lifetime? Or did i rip my account?
  3. hi guys, I'm a heavy user of ENPASS. Recently I just also bought the abo, I dont like abos, but I'm using the software heavily on phone and computer. However I have big fear that some keylogger or whatever will logg my Masterpassword. Its somehow strong, but gives the entry to all my passwords, and now I start to add some 2FA... two questions: - Is adding 2FA a good idea? Feels like that is destroying the 2FA, because with one password you get access to the password and also 2FA.. Maybe I should leave that in the google-authenticator? - How can I protect my masterpassword any-better? Is there maybe also a possibility for a 2FA, protect it with another OTP or 2FA or Finger-print? I have no problem to buy a sensor for my computer. Please give me any tipps which makes it as save as possible. best regards, Fabian PS- i switched my database to my private server, so it is not on dropbox anymore... 1 layer more...
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