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  1. I tried again to uninstall Enpass + the browser extension, restart laptop and then download Microsoft-Store-version and also after that .exe-file. Both the latest versions, and both have no support for Windows Hello. I have to manually insert my master password after every restart, after that Windows Hello works, but the website says, it's full Windows Hello support. What else can I try or how could you help me? I'm really disappointed because I knew it worked with a previous version...
  2. Same with my laptop. I have Windows Hello and TPM 2.0 and the latest version 6.7.2 of Enpass, but I also have to insert my Password after every restart. Why do you call it a brand new feature, if it doesn't work for most users? And btw I did a factory reset of my machine and installed Enpass completely fresh on it.
  3. I also have this problem. Luckily I didn't update on my second PC from Enpass 6.5 to Enpass 6.6 (Windows updates are up to date) so I can confirm that it is not an Windows but an Enpass error. Unless Enpass doesn't fix this issue in the near future, I will have to switch to a better Password Manager as users already recommended where such big errors only happen in beta-versions and stable-versions are working fine
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