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  1. Jonesdds

    Sync issues

    Just got a new Macbook Pro and my initial sync worked fine but now I have to daily authenticate with icloud to get it to auto sync. I'm sure the issue is some setting on the mac but not sure what.
  2. I stupidly thought this would be a good idea but it doesn't work and gets in the way. How do I remove it.
  3. I have an iCloud account I use for for all things iCloud except it’s not my Apple ID for purchases. I purchased Enpass using my Apple ID for purchases but my passwords are synced using my iCloud account. when I try to restore my purchase on my new iPad it tells me I need to be signed into the same email I purchased it from. Strangely, the iCloud email is what seems to be on file with Enpass so why can’t I move data over. Still has me as a trial subscription. I’ve been able to move data to an iPhone and Mac all without issue and signed into my same iCloud Acct.
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