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  1. So my Macbook seems to be accurate, I think. It's my ipad and iphone not updating/syncing to changes I've made to my Mac. So I did what you said but how you describe it is not correct for ipad(see photo). I have to clear the data and then disconnect and then reconnect. I did the back up first. I also don't understand if I delete the data from icloud and then reconnect across all devices don't I have to restore from a physical back up? I just did with ipad first as described except the different clearing of the data in icloud and reconnected. First got an error message when syncing that there is no internet connection(not true) and then the below message. Getting frustrated with the numerous issues.
  2. Have a syncing issue. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone and Ipad. The MacBook Pro seems up to date, I think but hard to say because most if not all changes I do on the Mac. It doesn’t show syncing issues. But, my iPhone doesn’t show syncing issues and says it’s synced without issues if I sync. It may be that it’s syncing to the iPad and not the Mac. However the iPad shows the below. So not sure what the problem is or where. Help please. There are no issues with other apple apps syncing across all devices.
  3. Jonesdds

    Sync issues

    Just got a new Macbook Pro and my initial sync worked fine but now I have to daily authenticate with icloud to get it to auto sync. I'm sure the issue is some setting on the mac but not sure what.
  4. I stupidly thought this would be a good idea but it doesn't work and gets in the way. How do I remove it.
  5. I have an iCloud account I use for for all things iCloud except it’s not my Apple ID for purchases. I purchased Enpass using my Apple ID for purchases but my passwords are synced using my iCloud account. when I try to restore my purchase on my new iPad it tells me I need to be signed into the same email I purchased it from. Strangely, the iCloud email is what seems to be on file with Enpass so why can’t I move data over. Still has me as a trial subscription. I’ve been able to move data to an iPhone and Mac all without issue and signed into my same iCloud Acct.
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