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  1. Sorry for the circumstances. It's almost embarrassing, but I was able to fix it with an easy restart of the iPhone. Restarting Chrome and Enpass didn't help before. Thanks @Pratyush Sharma for the support
  2. Hey @Pratyush Sharma, thanks for your quick response Yes your described scenario is correct. Do you see all the vaults in Safari browser or App? Yes, I can see them in Safari while autofill something and I can see them in the Enpass app Have you created those vaults in your iPhone or restored them from any cloud/backup? I restored them from dropbox and google drive. I can see one from google drive and one from dropbox. I restored them in that order. Did you start facing this issue lately? No Are you able to access other vaults in main Enpass app? Yes
  3. Hello all, I use a paid version of Enpass on my iPhone with iOS14 and have currently 5 vaults in use. But while I want to auto-fill something inside Chrome I can only use 2 of them. The primary one and the second one created. Can someone please help me, what am I doing wrong? Best, Dennis
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