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  1. An excerpt from an article about Password Managers This becomes fatal in combination with cloud synchronization. By synchronizing via a cloud service provider, the user effectively gives control of the password database into foreign hands. In any case, into the hands of the cloud service provider, possibly also into the hands of the state in which it has its headquarters and data centers, and are we really 100% sure that the transport encryption commonly used nowadays has no weaknesses? Once the database is in the hands of interested third parties, they can start using a stone-age instrument - the brute force attack. Unlike modern smartphones, the database does not delete itself after x failed attempts and many programs do not even temporarily block access. It is therefore only a question of time and the quality of the password. If synchronization via a cloud service is unavoidable, it is essential to choose a program that supports such two-factor authentication That makes with worry
  2. Hello, as I store more and more passwords on Enpass, I'm starting to get scared regarding security. If my master password is spied out, all my passwords are open. In the office we use yubikeys. This would alleviate that worry a bit. Will there be any support in the near future? If not I would have to switch to competitor unfortunately. Can you give a date?
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