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  1. OK, I don't know what happened, I sent this like 2 or 3 days ago. Thank you for information, I will make note of it, (this response is working with Firefox, but chrome is the same) however when trying to autofill, do I right or left click. If it's left click, nothing at all happens, like nothing. If I right click, I get a menu where the first selection is "manage extension" which opens the Firefox extension menu. The only way to get enpass to open to a usable menu, I have to click the icon in the notification area. I can work with the vault, but even clicking on autofill it does nothing with the browser Also you said that enpass would recognize a new or updated password, and it will ask to save the file, but it's not doing that. I can't get it to save at all. Like I said I managed to import from Firefox, I believe, but I have to go in and select the password I want to use, copy it, then paste it. I guess I installed it wrong, or something. do you think it would help to uninstall and reinstall?
  2. I just installed Enpass on my pc, I also installed the Firefox and Chrome extensions, I have ran a sync from my pc to OneDrive, and connected both my browsers to OneDrive. On pc if I click on All Items, I see all my passwords, that I imported in from LastPass. But that is as far as I got. I can't get my passwords on my browsers, I can't get anything to autofill, I can't get it to save new passwords. I haven't tried separating into the individual categories. Since I haven't been able to get anything else work right I was afraid to do something I couldn't reverse, figuratively speaking. If someone could just get me started in the right direction, I don't expect you to hold my hand through everything, just get me started. Once I get there, I will have learned enough to figure it out myself. It's a password manager, not rocket science, but right now it might as well be rocket science because I just don't understand the thought process. Thank You banned-one
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