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  1. Garima, thank you for the reply.  Fortunately for me, I had only changed the category of 2 items, from Login to Password.  I will now delete those two items, then re-add them directly to the Password category. 

    I am fairly new to Enpass, so I'm still on the learning curve.  Just tonight, I learned that data fields are not associated directly with a category.  Instead, data fields are associated with a template, and when creating a new item, we pick the category, and then if the category contains multiple templates, we select the template.  My misunderstanding comes from working with the Password category, which apparently has only one associated template, so we don't get prompted to select the template.

    But I still think the current implementation is faulty.  The Password category has only one template (which I'm guessing may be named the Password template), but I was allowed to change an item from the Login category using the Default template to the Password category.  Since the Password category only allows the Password template, the app should not have permitted the move of an item with the Default template to the Password category.

    I appreciate the flexibility that has been built into Enpass, but I think it will end up causing many users confusion.  Enpass allows me to Add Field or Add Section to each individual item, and even to remove sections from existing items.  Instead, I think those capabilities should exist only for Templates.  That way, all items using a particular template would all have the same sections and fields.  Between a category being able to contain any template via the Change Category action, and individual items being able to add or remove sections and fields, there's a strong possibility for data inconsistency. We can't expect the end user to remember all the changes he or she made over years of use to cause this data inconsistency, so better to prevent it in the first place.

    Thank you.

  2. Garima, I appreciate your reply.  Changing a single icon is not a huge deal, though of course having the app do it automatically is easier than requiring me to do it every time I change an item's category.  However, asking the user to change the field list is not a reasonable approach.  The items I changed went from category Login to category Password.  Here is the list of fields for Login:

    1. Username
    2. E-mail
    3. Password
    4. Website
    5. Phone number
    6. One-time code
    7. Security question
    8. Security answer
    9. Tags
    10. Notes

    And here is the list of fields for Password:

    1. Login
    2. Password
    3. Access
    4. Tags
    5. Notes

    Asking your customers to manually change this set of fields every time an item's category is changed is not realistic.  This is much too large an effort to undertake manually.

  3. I'm running version 6.6.2 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.  Lifetime Premium member.

    I have a couple items I originally entered in the Login category, and later used the "Change Category" on the context menu to change the category to Password.  I noticed after making this change that the item shows up when I click the Password category in the left pane.  However, the item seems to have retained all the details from when it was in the Login category.  The icon is the globe icon for the Login category rather than the key icon for the password category.  I was able to easily fix that by editing the item and then clicking the icon, which then displayed the "Choose Icon" slide-out window.

    However, the bigger issue is that the item retains the Login template.  This is easy to see because items in the Login category show the following fields by default: Username, E-mail and Password, while items in the Password category show the following fields by default: Login and Password. (Yes, I know it is confusing that the Login template identifies the user using Username, while the Password template identifies the user using Login. Different bug.)  The items for which I switched categories from Login to Password continue to show the 3 Login fields, instead of the two Password fields.

    When the user changes an item's category, the app should change the icon and template accordingly.  Thanks.

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