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  1. Hi folks, I have been using Enpass for 7 years or more. I originally purchased it on my Blackberry phone! Since then, it seems that my "lifetime" license is no longer supported. This is very frustrating as I use it on two Android, two Linux and two Windows devices and I have hundreds of passwords on it. But now it's no longer updating to Dropbox. Super frustrated.
  2. Hmm.. the same problem is now happening on my Android. It is not syncing w/ Dropbox. Says it needs the password of data on Dropbox. Would that be the pwd of the Enpass file or the pwd of Dropbox account?
  3. I paid for a license on my Blackberry and have changed to Android. Enpass pro seems to be working well on my Linux devices and my Android, but it's asking for a license for my Windows PC. Do I need a for each device type to run pro? Thanks, 2much2do
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