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  1. hi @Anshu kumar Understand, if the accidentally deleted data can not be restored。 It would like to improve the left slider to delete data, it is best to appear a OK or cancel button。 The left slider can delete the data, so easy to lose data。
  2. Accidentally deleted items can be restored?
  3. I am a Chinese, English is not good, please forgive me in Chinese。 If you accidentally click to delete or overwrite the original data,Can you recover?
  4. @Anshu kumar Thank you for your assistance and has resolved the issue.
  5. @Vikram Dabas Thank you for your reply, I have successfully reset the IOS APP and put a new password database。 PC ENPASS unloading after re-download a link will also be the old password database, ask how to delete the old password database?
  6. As often used Touch ID, let me forget the master password. I forgot my master password can only use Touch ID,How to reset APP? I have backed up the password I recorded in it。 Can I drop this password library? Download a new APP from AppStore。 I purchased the Pro version,Re-download or pro ? I am a Chinese user, the English level is not good。
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