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  1. I see that the topic is still alive. I can confirm that during last two months I don't have any problems, Enpass does not crash anymore. I have version 5.2.1. I'm glad that you have managed to fix it, I really like the software.
  2. Hi, I'm contacting you again. Meanwhile I've updated W10M on my Lumia 640 to 14393.5 and the issue is still present - app crashes immediately after starting, need to reboot the phone to make it work again for a while (6 hours or so). My answers to the questions you prepared for Nixx: - Have you notice any specific time interval after which the app starts crashing once you've rebooted your device? -- 6hrs after first time logging in the app. - Which cloud sync are you using? --OneDrive, but it happens even if I disable sync. -Have you upgraded your device from Windows 8 OS to 10? --Yes, 8.0 > 8.1 > 10 (10586) > 10 (14393) -How many total items are there in Enpass? --Currently, 50 -After using Enpass, do you quit it or it keeps running in Background? -- I keep it running. -At the time of crash, please observe if the internet is available in phone? (Asking to learn if it could be related to known issue in Microsoft Licensing API). --The crash happens even in airplane mode or when connected to WiFi or 3g, every time. -Did you purchase Enpass from same country/store where you're using it now or you've switched the country in store? --Not sure 100% but I think I didn't switched store. -In which language and region are you using your device? --Language > English (United States), Region > United States, Regional Format > Croatian
  3. Hi, I am on a production build 10586 and cannot test this build. Is there any chance this issue will be fixed by Enpass team? What is the cause of the crash? Can I change some settings on my phone to stop this from occurring? Boris
  4. I have the same problem. Details explained on this link:
  5. I have the exactly same problem on my Lumia 640 with Windows 10 (update: I'm on 10586.218, it is the latest Windows 10 production version). The application crashes immediately it is started. The only way to start it again is to restart the phone. This happens all the time since new UWP version of Enpass App was introduced. Just to mention that I have integration with Onedrive enabled, it might help to pinpoint the problem. Once I restart the phone it works, some time later it stops working and phone restart is needed again to make it work. BTW new UWP version looks and works great, except for this little annoyance. Looking forward to fix it.
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