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  1. Thanks @Manish Chokwal it seems the issue is not related to Enpass. Anyway it's unclear to me why the extension has to be installed in Safari and the only way to remove it is to uninstall Enpass app.
  2. Hello, I've recently changed my Macbook Pro to an M1 model. Since then I cannot use Safari anymore. After a couple of seconds I open it, it hangs and I have to force quit. I've tried to reset all the settigns, with no luck. The only thing I'm not able to do is removing the Enpass extension. I haven't enabled them at all, but Safari loads it. I cannot go to extensions' preferences in Safari and remove from them since it hangs way before I'm able to complete the process. How can I remove it in order to be sure it's not the cause of Safari hanging? I can see that Enpass (latest version, with pkg installer) is still an Intel app, running on Rosetta2, and I wonder if this could cause problem in an M1 native Safari. Thanks
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