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  1. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Thank you for your help @Gulshan Dogra Could you please share what are the password requirements and attempts? Thank you, Ana
  2. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Hi @Gulshan Dogra I can login into Enpass in my old iPhone but all the contents were already erased so I guess it’s like a new iPhone. I can download a backup from iCloud but I will not be able to login using biometrics, am I right? Ana
  3. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Hi @Gulshan Dogra When you ask if I can access Enpass through another device do you mean if I logged into my account through another device (in the past)? I’m asking it because I’ve never access my account before except through my old iPhone. Thank you, Ana
  4. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Hi @Gulshan Dogra Yes, I can
  5. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Hi @Gulshan Dogra What kind of biometrics? Fingertips count as biometrics? Thank you, Ana
  6. Ana

    Fingertip login disabled

    Hi @Gulshan Dogra, Is there a way to enable fingertips login in Enpass in my new iPhone? Thank you
  7. Hi! I recently got a new iPhone and I cannot sign in Enpass using my fingertip. I don’t remember the password. Could you please help? Thank you.
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