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  1. Clearing the cache and cookies did the trick. Enpass asked me to enter the email address of the OneDrive I wanted to sync with and I was able to connect to the proper system. Thank you.
  2. I recently updated the password for my personal Windows account, including OneDrive on a PC running Windows 10. All of my Windows and Microsoft Office software is working correctly following the update on this PC (I'll call it PC#1). I also access these same Windows accounts from 3 iOS devices and another Windows 10 PC and have no issues following the PW update. With PC#2 and the 3 iOS devices, I was able to set up Enpass sync through my personal OneDrive without any issues. With PC#1, when I go to set up sync, Enpass sends the request to my work OneDrive, not my personal OneDrive. I have checked everything I can find to check and Edge, all of the Microsoft Office applications and File Explorer all reference my personal OneDrive. I can find no reference to my work OneDrive in any location including Settings/Accounts. I tried logging out of OneDrive in Edge and log back in, but this did not change Enpass trying to sync with my work account. I uninstalled Enpass and reinstalled, with no change in behavior. Do you have any suggestions on getting Enpass to select my personal OneDrive and not my work OneDrive? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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