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  1. It works again; thanks. I'll remember this if it should happen again.
  2. I hope someone from Enpass can help because I've tried almost everything, if not everything and my master password is not working the same as it is on the other computer.
  3. I am using the same vault as the working device. There are two computers each with Enpass installed, lets refer to them as A & B. Computer B which is the working device I can use the original master password to get into Enpass and then sync to a cloud service and all the passwords are there. Meanwhile on Computer A, I cannot use the same master password to get into Enpass without being informed; it's the incorrect master password ?
  4. I tried what you suggested although, when I attempt to sync to OneDrive for example; I'm informed that the authorization is finished to the cloud. Then Enpass prompts for the master password which doesn't work ?
  5. I'm experiencing an issue whereas my master password on one computer is not working, the same master password works on another installation of Enpass on another computer but not one computer; rather I get, invalid master password. Is there anyway to reset the master password ?
  6. Hi, this works; as well as I assume there has been a new release since this issue was posted, as it appears to be fixed ?
  7. I need to access passwords within Enpass, can Enpass not release a patch for this in the meantime.
  8. When selecting an entry within Enpass 6.6.2(827), rather then seeing the entry with the password; it's blank ?
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