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  1. If I leave enpass desktop running and my system goes to sleep, when the system is brought back up again, enpass is hard crashed. Forcing it to quit somehow leaves it in a state where it will not restart, either. I am trying to switch to the modern application instead, but -- the password situation is a disaster. I'm seriously thinking about switching off of enpass, as the application seems unstable, and the confusion over passwords on different devices makes it extremely difficult to use. Russ
  2. There is something I do not understand about enpass -- having a different password on each device/install. Since the database is encrypted with one password, and cannot be opened with another one, why do different devices also have different passwords? As it stands, when I change my password on one device, I ultimately must reset the entire software package to get everything working again -- export to csv, uninstall, remove all synchronized files, reinstall, create a new database, and then re-import. When I change the password on one device, no password I try will work any longer on any other device... This really needs to be fixed -- the password needs to be tied to the database, not to the application. Russ
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