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  1. I am a long term user of Enpass and as of the past year I have found that more and more bugs are cropping up: 1. Filling of passwords often does not work: Using the latest version of Firefox and Enpass, I find the key combination for auto-fill works around 50% of the time. Often the key press will do nothing and I have to click the enpass icon within Firefox to wake it up. Then 9/10 it does not show passwords relevant to the site I'm actually visiting. I would like to point out, this is where passwords are saved for that site, with the correct URL and a second time, will show correctly. 2. (Linking to above) All passwords showing I'm finding frequently when the auto fill pop-up does show, it shows all passwords or the favourite/most used passwords and not passwords unique to the website. 3. UI jumping. When editing a password or browsing through my passwords in the main UI - the UI often jumps. You can be browsing through passwords and reach the L's and it will then jump back to the top of the list. I'm fairly confident this is linked to sync. I use webdav sync and notice that every time I see the UI jump, a sync is taking place. 4. Redundant password prompts I often have Enpass open because I've needed to look up a password (but not auto fill). Open with my identity/password already confirmed. If I then close Enpass, it will not close but instead log me out of the vault and ask me to verify my finger print. I then either have to verify and then close Enpass again or spam the close button and it will eventually close. 5. Wifi sync Two devices both on the same home network cannot see each other. Scanning the QR code simply closes the UI and nothing happens. Selecting to manually find the server simply leaves the app in a constant sate of searching where it never finds my desktop Enpass server. I have even given Enpass a firewall rule to allow any connection (both directions) as well as a firewall rule for it's helper app wifisyncserver_bin.exe - no joy. 6. Autofill on android I have previously used autofill on iOS with Enpass and it is flawless. However on android it is sporadic at best. Often popping up for a instant and then disappearing before it's humanly possible to tap it. I then I have to have a game of jumping between the username/email field and the password field to try and encourage Enpass to pop-up again. Often I have to simply close the browser and reopen it. Other times it simply will not show the auto-fill pop-up no matter what I do. So I have to open Enpass manually and then copy/paste the credentials. I have tried this with Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera on android and Enpass struggles to autofill equally reliably on all 3. 7. Navigating to the saved URL Within Firefox, if I open the assistant on a blank tab, it will show frequently used passwords with the option to also search. From there if I double click a entry/credential, the website is opened and the login auto-filled. Up until recently this worked flawlessly. However I am finding recently, the first time I do this, the website will simply not load. I then have to go back into the assistant and find the credential again and repeat the process - then it will work (most of the time). It's hard to say what the difference is with this one, it often works but sometimes doesn't. Finally, a minor annoyance. After each update of Enpass it adds a shortcut to the desktop. This one I admit is a petty complaint, it takes moments to simply delete the icon, but still - could the user not be prompted if they want the icon or not? - This post isn't intended to be a "fix this or else" or a "woah isn't Enpass a load of trash". I have used Enpass for a number of years and really don't have much desire to look elsewhere. But these problems combined, make Enpass a quite painful experience on a daily basis. Especially when I'm trying to work, taking a phone call and quickly need to login to a specific website or service.
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