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  1. Dear Supportteam, I'm new with these Product but read a lot to compare and understand until I decide me for Enpass. Everything work fine for me except the Plan Sync from Windows to Mobile ( Android or Apple ). 1. The QR code never work. The QR code the Server shows me never do a request on the Mobile side. 2. So I try to connect them manually to Sync them. I find the Server everything looks fine, if I click on the Server normally I should see the Authentication (Valid Code) from the Server. On the Mobile devices never change the Code and I see the "145678" Code. I think that's a placeholder Code. If I Sync them form Mac everything works well except the Automatical resync if I got any change on master side. I try to find Standard ports for the Firewall etc., I want to try to do an extra rule except the auto entry from the Start of the Server. I find no clou or Answer about this Problem. Hope anyone of you could Help me. Most regards André Fluck
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