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  1. I would like to second this feature request. It is not uncommon for corporate Single Sign on applications to require username and password + TOTP. Given the following values: Username: rallour Password: mypass TOTP: 323813 The login form would then be filled in with the following: Username: rallour Password: mypass323813 The way I would like to see it solved is to be able to use a template for the password field. This would allow me to combine two arbitrary fields (a static password, and a dynamic TOTP) to create a password field that is a combination of both the password and TOTP as the value, and then have that templated value be what is auto-filled into the form. RIght now it works with multiple selection and copy/paste steps, but it'd just a nice quality of life feature as I end up needing to do this multiple times per day supporting different customers, all of which require the format of username / password + TOTP. Thanks for a great product, and especially thanks for supporting it on Linux! Jason
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