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  1. Thanks for the hint. I understand that you have to delete the data in the cloud to uninstall. Of course, you can also copy the data to another folder, but how do you get the data back into the newly created file after the reinstallation?
  2. Enpass runs on multiple devices. The master password is no longer accepted on a device. Enpass has been uninstalled and reloaded from the Microsoft Store. However, it cannot be downloaded because the product is supposedly installed. The search for data that has not been uninstalled was unsuccessful. Temp folder has been emptied. No success with Revo Uninstaller and other uninstallers either. Create a new PC account and install Enpass there and successfully restore the data. Switch to the original account. No installation possible because supposedly installed. Starting is possible, but the master password is not accepted. How can I solve the problem? Sincerely Lothar
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