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  1. Hi Enpass team,I just wanted to check in again. Can somebody from the team please respond here? This is getting really annoying. Obviously I'm not the only one having this problem. So to have some sort of statement would be nice. I'm slowly running out of patience.Best
  2. Hi Enpass team, I wanted to check in if there's any progress in solving this problem? Best
  3. Hi there, for me it's the same: Enpass version 6.7.2 (886) downloaded from website. And I have Chrome (Version 95.0.4638.69) as a webbrowser. Some additional Info (not sure if this helps): In Chrome I can lock into my icloud account without any problems. (Apple Music also no problems). I also tried to click "I trust this browser" after logging in to my icloud account and then tried to the sync enpass (within the same session). But also no luck - I get the same error message.
  4. Hi, it's me again - I opened this topic. Not sure how the enpass support works - is a staff member going to reply here? I'm not very happy with the situation. I bought this tool specifically to sync my windows machine via icloud with my IOS devices and now this is not working. I would really appreciate some help or advice. Thanks
  5. Hi, I run enpass on a windows 11 desktop with iCloud sync and it worked fine for about 2-3 weeks. I had to enter the icloud login credentials from time to time but that was ok. Now when I try to reconnect to the icloud in enpass the following happens: - The browser opens with the icloud page where I can put in my login credentials (like before when it was working). - After I put in my login credentials I get the 2-factor code question on my IOS device (also fine). - But after I enter my 2-factor code in the browser I get to a page where it sais "Die Anfrage konnte leider nicht abgeschlossen werden. Grund: Invalid Session ID". (screenshot attached) I'm from Germany so I guess this translates to something like: "Unfortunately, the request could not be completed. Reason: Invalid Session ID" I already tried to disconnect enpass from the icloud sync but I can't reconnect (same problem). Hope you can help me out, Thanks
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