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  1. same problem, why don't you just admit that you have imposed sanctions against users from Russia
  2. browser download in official site https://www.opera.com unchecking the box "Authorize browsers with verified code signatures only" helped, the browser authorization code came
  3. Enpass re-installing Opera re-installing Enpass extension re-installing Install Chrome Extensions re-installing
  4. Opera version 80.0.4170.63 and Opera version 81.0.4196.31 not working Enpass application denied access to data. error 403
  5. OS Microsoft Windows 11 enpass microsoft store version 6.7.2 opera 81.0.4196.31 “Enable Extensions” enabled Enpass application is running in firefox browser and Microsoft Edge browser everything works
  6. windows 11 opera browser, browser authorization code does not come, app reinstalled add-on version Enpass extension (requires desktop app) 6.6.2 Install Chrome Extensions 2.5.9
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