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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, here you can download a zip with the three html pages. I'm not sure if they can help. There seems to be pretty much js embedded. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc32op3jnv8nrch/Archiv.zip?dl=0 Regards, JD
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan, thanks for your reply. The DSM URL is either https://insert_local_ip_here:5001/#/signin or in my environment also possible with https://nas.fritz.box:5001/#/signin Both settings you mentioned are enabled (see screenshots of german version attached). I also updated to the recently released version 6.74 (both the app and the browser extension). Makes no difference in terms of autofill here.
  3. Hello @Abhishek Dewan, I can confirm that auto-fill on other webpages works fine. Only Synology DSM 7 doesn't work.
  4. Hello Enpass-Team, I recently updated my Synology NAS from DSM 6.2.x to DSM 7.01. With version 6.2, the login process with Enpass works fine, as it was a "one-page-login" (user & password in one web form with automatic login after insertion of the data). With DSM7, Synology obviously changed this to a "two-page-login" process. With the first form you have to enter the UserID, with the second form the password. In fact, if you have 2FA enabled, there is a third page for this, but this is another story. See the screenshots attached. My Enpass Browser extension can't handle this new process correctly anymore. On the user-page I have to choose my credentials from the Browser extension, then I have to manually click on the blue arrow icon to continue (Enpass doesn't do this automatically). After that, on the password-page, I have to choose the credential again to insert the password and then again I have to manually click on the arrow to continue. So now I have to do four steps instead of one with DSM6.2. I also have tried to create new credentials within Enpass during the DSM login process, but that doesn't matter. It simply doesn't work automatically. Are you aware of this? Or do I make a mistake? I am using: Mac OS BigSur 11.6 Enpass App 6.7.3 (888) Google Chrome with Enpass Extension 6.6.2 (also tried it with Safari and Enpass Extension 6.7.3, same result) The Extension option "automatic login after data insert" is activated (sorry, I'm using the extension with german language, maybe the exact expression differs from the english version). Hoping for help! Thank you! Regards, Stefan
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