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  1. Hi guys, Family member added a new password, he closed Enpass password manager and then i opended mine but the login is not showing with the exact same vault. Does it take time to sync? How can we make sure it syncs quickly, is there some sync option we can click? Thanks
  2. Thanks Abhishek, Once we have added family members to https://console.enpass.io/ when they use the windows app, are they logging in with their own login they created with Enpass or is everyone suppose to be using the same login?
  3. Thanks Abhishek, If they are not creating a new vault but we want them to add the vault we created, would they simply just use copy and paste the same vault name, is that correct (see screenshot)?
  4. Thanks Abhishek, on desktop version of the app when the other family members login are they logging in with their own master password first (screenshot 1)? Once they log in where do they go to actually add the vault i created, they will just see their own primary vault like screenshot 2? But on the desktop app where do they go to sync and add the the new vault? Would highly recommend a video to be created on this process and added to https://www.youtube.com/c/SinewSoftware this is very confusing. Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, We purchased the Enpass 24-Month Family Membership, i want to add shared logins so other family members can retrieve and get access 1. I created a new vault (let's call it sharedvault) with the purpose of sharing all logins, i then sync The Vault to Google Drive via my main email login for enpass.io lets call it email1@gmail.com 2 I added family member here: https://console.enpass.io/ they then receive a email to their own personal account (lets call it email2@gmail.com) Now i'm confused from here, what is the user suppose to do exactly to get access to thevault? Do they need to access the Google Drive or something first, i'm a bit confused and have read the instructions on the website. Thanks, Chris
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