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  1. From reading the user manual and white paper. The master password is deleted from the apple keychain if Face ID fails to identify you few times. I think there should be a warning that you have x amount of tries left before Face ID will be disabled. The whitepaper says 5 failed attempts, the manual says 3... https://www.enpass.io/docs/security-whitepaper-enpass/quick_unlock.html "Also, if five consecutive attempts to quick unlock are unsuccessful, Enpass erases the master password from the iOS keychain and prompts to enter master password to unlock Enpass. On next successful attempt, it is saved again in the iOS keychain. When you disable Quick Unlock from Enpass settings, Enpass erases the master password from the iOS keychain."
  2. I made some progress today. I discovered that I have backups from September on my Mac Mini that use my old Master password. I was able to restore it on my Mac but my iPhone will not restore this backup. Says it's an older version but I don't think this is the case. Can you help me restore this backup to my iPhone?
  3. It's my fault. I should have written it down. I didn't realize how Face ID was being implemented by Enpass and that after a failed attempt it would require the root password. Going forward I will maintain a paper copy of my passwords. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have a m1 mac mini with Enpass installed but that doesn't have Face ID. I've even backup Enpass but it won't let me import the backup without my master password. I'm saying I have Face ID enabled for Enpass it makes no sense to lock me out from using it completely because I wore a mask one time. I'm simply asking them to reset the Face ID failed attempt. I'm not asking for them to recover my master password. I set up Face ID for this very reason so I wouldn't have to enter in a long Master password every time. Every application I ever used Face ID will always work once it is set up. There is now way to access my phone and Enpass without my face. I'm just asking it to be returned to state it was where it will accept my face as a login. I was able to recover some of my passwords from my desktop computer browser but I have much more saved in Enpass.
  5. I have face ID enabled on my iPhone and have used it to login. Why isn't allowing me to login using my face? Can't you do something to reset it to allow me to login with my face? I'd be ok if I have to wait 12 hrs. But why won't it use face ID. I know most of my master password but there are some numbers and symbols I added at the end that I'm getting wrong.
  6. Today when I opened Enpass it didn't recognize my face because I was wearing a mask. Now it won't log in without my master password. I've been using Face ID on my iPhone for so long I can't remember my master password. I restarted Enpass and I restarted my phone but Enpass no longer will login with Face ID it keeps asking for my master password. How could Enpass allow me to login all this time with Face ID and with one failed face recognition lock me out? I know I should have written down my master password but for the love of god how do you get it to login in one time with my Face ID!
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