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  1. @HomerNarr Yep, sounds exactly like the same problem. Focus snapping back all the time.
  2. Hi Manish, I am sorry, but I cannot figure out your intentions. If you already reproduced the problem, I don't see why that proposal of yours is still necessary.
  3. Hi Manish, thanks for sharing it with the concerned team. The bug is not limited to a specific website. I think the example that I attached should be more than sufficient. I found the bug in various chromium browsers, Chrome and Vivaldi, and on both Windows and Mac. My Chrome is up to date (version 96.0.4664.55)
  4. Hi, I found that focusing any input element makes the extension do strange things. The bug can make keyboard-only usage of the entire website impossible. At first, I thought it's a browser bug, so I even asked a question on stackoverflow, only to find out that it's in fact caused by this extension. The problem doesn't actually seem to have anything to do with passwords at all. You can find a description, including an example, in this codesandbox (if you have no technical understanding, just ignore the code part on the left and focus on the rendered part on the right): https://codesandbox.io/s/input-element-destroys-focus-behaviour-bydvv Note that the input field does not even have type="password".
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