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  1. I have Enpass installed on multiple platforms, IOS and Win10. I sync with Onedrive. I did a modification on my laptop using Win10 and for some reason, it is not syncing with my other computers using Onedrive. I did disconnect and reconnect that laptop from Onedrive, I go to the process of logging to Onedrive then I come back to Enpass to finish the process by entering the Onedrive password but it gives me a message of password mismatch, any idea? I don't have a different password.
  2. Ok then, for my personal stuff, I will use portable so I can save on a USB key and store it in a safe place and once you have the vault option, I will transfer all this information to it. Thank you Denis
  3. Hi there, I asked this question to support but not certain if they understood my question. I know with Enpass you can't create multiple vaults. With all that said, is it possible to create 2 accounts, one account for my personal use and one for my work use. I could use 2 different emails, my work account would be on Onedrive and my personal on Google drive or maybe a USB key. How will it work when I use my desktop application? I have a strange feeling that it is not going to work unless I work an installation on 2 different machines unless I could use the USB key option with Enpass. Thank you
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