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  1. Hi, sorry to report: it's not working and I have no clue what the problem is. I'm pretty upset. Situation: NOTHING changed: I'm still syncing my two iOS devices and my Windows client with WebDAV on my Synology server. All of a sudden the Windows client doesn't accept my Masterpassword - again. I checked on the iOS devices, Everything is fine, sync is working, Masterpassword is ok. To solve the problem, I changed the Masterpassword on one of the iOS devices. Immediately the second iOS device requested to enter the new Masterpassword. Worked. BUT: no change for the Windows client: Masterpassword not accepted, neither the old, nor the new one. Please advice. Thanks.
  2. Hi, to your questions: Windows PC App don't fully understand your question. To ensure that the master pwd is everywhere the same, I changed it on all devices to the same pwd, even though all devices are syncing to one and the same WebDAV location - quite strange approach, but finally it worked like this ... yes, all the same yes, to a location on my WebDAV all the latest versions, downloaded from your webpage Finally it seems to work. I deinstalled the Windows App completely, re-installed it and imported the wallet version from the WebDav. Quite an effort. But it seems to work at the moment. Keep fingers crossed. Another topic: I imported my wallet from 1Password. Quite a lot of 'unvisible' and useless fields came a long with it. Example: one field called "Webpage". Second field called "url". Both are visible in Enpass and have the same content. Any hint to clean such duplications up? Thanks!
  3. Hi, it's a real mess!! I like Enpass a lot. On my iOS devices and Win desktop. BUT: I have no clue how the desktop master password is handled. All devices are in sync via WebDAV. I am able to log in with my master password on all my iOS devices. But the desktop is constantly denying access. I changed the master password on all devices - even though all devices are syncing to the WebDAV. You guess what: fine on iOS, no prob. Next time, I open the Win desktop, I am not able to access my data, the master password is not accepted. I'm close to move back to 1Password.
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