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  1. stbn

    Master password in desktop app not updated

    Hi, sorry to report: it's not working and I have no clue what the problem is. I'm pretty upset. Situation: NOTHING changed: I'm still syncing my two iOS devices and my Windows client with WebDAV on my Synology server. All of a sudden the Windows client doesn't accept my Masterpassword - again. I checked on the iOS devices, Everything is fine, sync is working, Masterpassword is ok. To solve the problem, I changed the Masterpassword on one of the iOS devices. Immediately the second iOS device requested to enter the new Masterpassword. Worked. BUT: no change for the Windows client: Masterpassword not accepted, neither the old, nor the new one. Please advice. Thanks.
  2. stbn

    Master password in desktop app not updated

    Hi, to your questions: Windows PC App don't fully understand your question. To ensure that the master pwd is everywhere the same, I changed it on all devices to the same pwd, even though all devices are syncing to one and the same WebDAV location - quite strange approach, but finally it worked like this ... yes, all the same yes, to a location on my WebDAV all the latest versions, downloaded from your webpage Finally it seems to work. I deinstalled the Windows App completely, re-installed it and imported the wallet version from the WebDav. Quite an effort. But it seems to work at the moment. Keep fingers crossed. Another topic: I imported my wallet from 1Password. Quite a lot of 'unvisible' and useless fields came a long with it. Example: one field called "Webpage". Second field called "url". Both are visible in Enpass and have the same content. Any hint to clean such duplications up? Thanks!
  3. stbn

    Master password in desktop app not updated

    Hi, it's a real mess!! I like Enpass a lot. On my iOS devices and Win desktop. BUT: I have no clue how the desktop master password is handled. All devices are in sync via WebDAV. I am able to log in with my master password on all my iOS devices. But the desktop is constantly denying access. I changed the master password on all devices - even though all devices are syncing to the WebDAV. You guess what: fine on iOS, no prob. Next time, I open the Win desktop, I am not able to access my data, the master password is not accepted. I'm close to move back to 1Password.