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  1. Hi Team, Just wonder if I found a bug or a limitation. When i change a password on a website Enpass pop up and ask me if i want to update the existing login and when i say yes then the password on the login in Enpass updates just fine. But if i log in to a website, change the username, then log out and log back in with the new username but same password. Enpass pop up and ask if i want to create a new item or update an existing item. When i select update and press ok i am getting logged in to the website but nothing has changed in Enpass. the username still shows the old username. I have noticed this before and it is actually fairly annoying because often i will just tell Enpass to update an existing login with a new username but nothing happens. then days later i will use Enpass to log in and then username is wrong.
  2. I would like to see that once you have searched for an item in the top right corner that perhaps after a min it clears automatically just like the clear clipboard after 30 secs. Small thing I know but often I miss that I searched and wonder where all my things have gone So yeah it would be nice to have a setting so you can choose to clear the search or not after x amount of seconds.
  3. +1 from me here too. missed this feature when imported all my stuff from LastPass. But general maintenance would also be nice.
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