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  1. Achim

    Error 120

    Hy and thanks for your reply. I switched to another Password Manager yesterday. So i need no more help. Thanks anyway. Achim
  2. Achim

    Error 120

    Hy, i use iPhone SE with IOS 10.2.1 and iPad Pro with IOS 10.2.1. Enpass Versions are the newest availables. All Devices have this Problem. I tryed with different Webdav Connections. QNAP-NAS (Local LAN and over Internet) , Western Digital-NAS (Local LAN and over Internet) and Webdavaccount (Provider: Hosteurope)
  3. Achim

    Error 120

    Hy, Today i started with Enpass on 1 Windows PC, 1 IPAD, 1 Iphone. I Sync via Webdav with my QNAP NAS. Sync is working without Problems on all Devices. But every 60 Seconds i get an Error 120. (See Attachment). I try to sync with varius Webdav Servers. Sync ist always working, but the Message still appears. Regards Achim
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