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  1. Hello, I have a question about Enpass for 32bit debian based system. System : Enpass is installed via apt (enpass repo). What happens. When I start Enpass via Alt+F2 or via the openbox menu, Enpass starts up and I can enter the password. As soon as I ENTER after filling in, the tray icon appears very quickly, but immediately disappears again, and Enpass is closed. When I start Enpass /opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh %U through the terminal I don't have that problem and can use Enpass, as long as I keep the terminal open. The connection to the webapp is not possible. FF. error_ouput. I saw something pass by about 'gail' and 'atk'. Then I looked for packages with 'gail' and 'atk' and installed a few new ones. But Enpass still kills. I suspect it has to do with GNOME libraries for 32bit. My knowledge in this area is nil to go deeper into this. Because Enpass starts up via the terminal, there is no clear error showing anymore, to show. Error output where there before, which I partially solved by installing 'gai' 'atk' packages. I hope someone can give a direction to look at. Thanks in advance. Eric. some_output - unable to locate theme engine in module path "adwaita" - libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile - already has layout
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