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  1. Hi @Manish Chokwal, thank you for the hint, my enpass desktop app was way too old. I thought it would update automatically but I had to trigger the update manually. Now it works, thank you!
  2. Hi @Manish Chokwal, thank you for your answer. I uninstalled the extention and installed it again via your website but it didn't work. I debugged the extention a bit and it seems the value 'inline_supported' which gets loaded from a storage is always 'false'. So how can I turn on the inline support in Firefox? It must be some kind of global setting. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, the inline autofill feature never worked in my firefox. The normal popup of the extention works. I have the FF version 98.0.2 and I just downloaded the latest browser extention but it does not appear in the input/password fields. On my second laptop it works flawlessly. When I tried to compare the settings, I noticed that the autofill settings are missing. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks!
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