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  1. February... half a year later maybe a solution for something that worked before. Interesting way to keep your paying members happy.
  2. This is still on top of my wishlist - When multiple items available, sort the selection by newest on top of the dropdown -- or -- - If the browser already fills in a username, select the matching item from the multiple choices in the enpass dropdown
  3. makes no difference in the browser extension. still not sorted as in the version efore
  4. Sure. 1.) App version is 6.8.4 (1166), browser extension version 6.8.3 (Firefox) 2.) Enpass app sorts by date, newest on top. Browser is the opposite or random.
  5. After posting a request to sort multiple entries by date (downwards), so that the newest is on top, I was happy to see this in 6.8.2. Now, with the current version, this seems to be back to the old behaviour (mixed and never correctly sorted. Is this a bug or why was it removed?
  6. Hi. Yes I can scroll to the desired entry in my list. i think you did not understand my issue. Let me try to explain 1.) When I visit the login page, the browser/site sets the username automatically (probably via cookie) 2.) enpass has 4 saved items in the autofill list and even if the corresponding username is in the list, it does not autoselect this entry. 3.) since the sort order of the enpass entries is wrong (newest is the lowest). I have to scroll to this entry (fourth) every time. Its super annoying. using latest version of Firefox and Enpass extension (autoupdated)
  7. @Gulshan Dogra thanks for your feedback. Both options were already activated. As I understand the info text correctly, it only works if there is ONE SINGLE item not ONE MATCHING item in a list of more logins. And the sort order is wrong. It's not new to old but vice versa. Not helpful.
  8. First up, the popup menu is very helpful but has some UX problems. Standard browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc sometimtes show up their own pop-out menu in a form. This behaviour should always be respected by an extension and check if the location of its own overlay should be placed elsewhere, e.g. above/below the browser menu, or show the inline icon in the form field. It also happens when the browser has it's own password filling active. The other issue is that if you have multiple logins to a form and the browser cookie remembers the username and autofills it, Enpass should pre-select this entry or move it to the top list. The correct entry is not even visible since its the fourth entry. This is really annoying and should be ordered by at least "last used" or "last updated".
  9. Using the latest browser extension on chrome, it is not possible to close tabs by using cmd+w. Did not test other shortcuts. But disabling the extension helps - which is just for debugging. Chrome: Version 102.0.5005.61 Enpass: 6.7.5 edit: please delete > just found this chrome://extensions/shortcuts (cmd+w was set to close enpass. which is hopefully not the default setting since its a native browser shortcud)
  10. Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit) on MacOS Monterey 12.2 (21D49) While trying to fill in the credit card infos the browser hangs up because there are zillions invisible clicks on the input fields (for the expiration date) by Enpass. After a while its almost impossible to close the tab because of the memory overflow. No screenshot available (also due to security reasons) Url: envato.market > checkout
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