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  1. Thanks for your response Gulshan but this is clearly a major issue not just for me but I would guess all users. If Enpass is liable to not accepting the master password then it's unusable as a password manager. Just to confirm if it wasnt obvious from my written text that I did not forget my password and I am 100% confident that I know the password - I didnt change it and I have reasons to know that I will never forget the password. Whatever the reason I need a password manager that is 100% reliable so regrettably I will have to stop using it since I put my faith in using it and now I am in a big mess. I expect since it's only been a few months I will be able to receive a refund on my purchase? Thanks for your offer of data recover I should be able to recover the data but not quickly or easily. I am just really sad as I thought I found the ideal password manager with offline support but I just can not emphasise how critical an issue this is for a password manager.
  2. This seems to be similar to my current experiences too. I no longer have access to Enpass.
  3. A few months ago I purchased and began using Enpass. I have been using Enpass virtually everyday since. I have been entering my Master Password each time I need to use Enpass and never had an issue. This weekend that changed. I always get the "Incorrect Master Password" and can no longer access Enpass. I know the password very well I've been typing it in without failure over the past months. I am not in the habit of typing it in wrongly but just in case I also tried to copy and paste it in, this made no difference. I also installed the new release of Enpass in hope but sadly that made no difference too. Right now I'm extremely worried that this is a catastrophic bug and everything is lost. MacOS: 11.6.5
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