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  1. Hi @Manish Chokwal, I sent the requested files to support except the log files because there aren't any created by the Enpass Manager. If we get a solution for this problem I will post it here.
  2. Dear Enpass-Team, Last week I switched to Windows 11 which is fully updated with the latest patches. Now I have the following issue: I was able to install and start the Enpass Manager. I synched it with my password-container in Google Drive and the passwords were synched, no issue there. But now, after the first synch, every time I start the Enpass Manager, when the green GoogleDrive symbol appears in the upper left in it and it starts synching, the Enpass Manager just closes down. No error message, no log created, nothing. It just stops. This happens every single time. I started reinstalling it from the store and from your website, I tried the Enpass Manager Beta, but nothing worked. Do you have any info or hint on that? Thank you very much!
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