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  1. For what it’s worth, the WebDAVNav Server logs shows the following.

    2022/05/30 14:41:48:831  Error 401 - Unauthorized (/Dave/)
    2022/05/30 14:41:48:842  Request: PROPFIND /Dave/
    2022/05/30 14:41:48:847  Response status: 207 Length: 1053
    2022/05/30 14:41:48:930  Error 401 - Unauthorized (/Dave/)

    This suggests that the PROPFIND actually worked, but the next request gets a 401 response, and Enpass fails to reauthenticate.

  2. My WebDAV sync has stopped working on Enpass 6.8.1 on Mac desktop. I disconnected and tried to re-add it again, and I’m getting the error “Please authorize again using your WebDAV account.”


    I’m connecting to a local area network server, running WebDAVNav Server, an app from the Mac App Store.


    Another account which I have configured for WebDAV to the same server (but different path) seems to work fine. This appears to only be an issue with the setup flow of the sync relationship.

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