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  1. Process was the same on the MAC. A vital tip though. On PC and MAC you need to close Enpass from the System tray too. This gives you the vital part of a second you need to reach the disconnect button. Otherwise it syncs instantly. In future. ALWAYS disconnect SYNC before changing your password for the service used in Enpass. Even better.... It would be great if Enpass could add a function to either STOP SYNC or an option to NOT SYNC AUTOMATICALLY ON STARTUP. However I saw the later was requested by users 4 years ago and was never implemented. Once again. There are no issues on iPad or iPhone where you can easily disconnect, even whilst sync is in progress. Good luck.
  2. I think I've worked this out. Pure trial and error. If I type in my password. Hit enter. Then very quickly press the onedrive icon, I have around 0.5 seconds to hit disconnect FAST. I failed a few times, but finally managed to do it. Seems now I can disconnect and reconnect. Then to try the Mac :-(
  3. Just to add a little more. It's dead easy to do this on iPad and iPhone. You can choose disconnect and then just reconnect. You can do this whilst the sync is in progress. On the PC however there seems to be no obvious was to do this. And I haven't tried the Mac yet.
  4. I changed my password on my OneDrive account - which is used for Sync in Enpass. Now Enpass just sits there trying to Sync. I can't stop it and therefore I can't enter new account details. Without new account details it won't work. Please tell me how I stop the Sync'ing.
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