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  1. Hi, Upgrade to 6.8.1 installed. The auto-locking issue is resolved But: Search box still retained last search, after being closed and re-opened. And: No option to minimise/drag left-hand column; but it is smaller which is an improvement.
  2. Hi, thanks for answering. Apologies for not providing sysinfo, I should know better than that. Moving too fast! System: Linux 5.15.5-200.fc35.x86_64 GNU/Linux (Fedora 35) Enpass v.6.8.0 (1059), installed via dnf
  3. The last search is always retained in the searchbox, even after quitting Enpass. I have "Clear Content After 30 seconds" checked. This means after opening one has to click on the 'x' to clear it. I habitually use Ctrl+f to enter a term - which is then not found, as the previous (old) term is still sitting there messing things up. How to make it auto-clear, please? Also: Enpass auto-locks a few seconds after losing focus, even though I've set: Autolock When Main Window is closed; System Sleeps; System inactive for 10 minutes. And: I only want /two/ columns, not three. How can I get rid of the 1st column, currently containing "All items (999)" and "Favourites"? Or at least, drag it to make it much smaller?
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