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  1. More than 3 months now with this issue... One new "beta" version released, but the problem still is not solved after update^^ As soon as you try to connect GDrive, after granting of permissions the whole app crashes without further info. Every startup afterwards the app also crashes silently without any logs or errors. Turned off internet again, disconnected GDrive and Enpass works as intended without possibility to sync passwords via cloud. Maybe we should start about talking about a refund?
  2. Any new Feedback @Manish Chokwal As you can see there are several people affected by this issue. I also purchased the lifetime version, i am not from Russia (and i really don't think this is intended to just mock some russians @ewryghdbf^^) You have alle necessary details you need - it just happens with with GDrive sync active on PC version, also with your Web Version. GDrive sync works fine on Android. Since several weeks it is not possible to even starrt Enpass on PC because of the instant crashes and i have to manually enter the login data i open on my Android Phone. If there will be no solution withing the next 2-3 weeks, you lost one more customer with me. The issue was reported nearly 2 months ago and it seems like there is not even the attempt for a Bugfix. i am starting to get really annoyed right now.
  3. Unistalled Enpass Downloaded and installed the version from your website Installation completed, Enpass could be started, Logs activated Tried to enable the GDrive snyc, after the authorization was done, Enpass crashed Turned off Internet connection in order to allow Enpass to start again - no logs created As soon as i tunred on the internet connection again and manually triggered the sync from GDrive, Enpass crashed again Crashes only occur with activated internet connection and GDrive sync. When i remove GDrive snyc, or turn internet connection off - Enpass does not crash anymore. Used Windows: Win 11 Pro Version 21H2 Build 22000.675
  4. It has been weeks now and finally i reached the point where i had to create an account in this forum too. For me it is similar to the issue mentioned by @Streiger, the only difference is that i already used Win11 several months now. I can not tell you what happend, but the problem is exactly like mentioned: When i disconnect my internet connection and the sync via Google Drive can not be performed, the app can be used. As long as i have a stablke internet connection the app just crashes at startup as soon as the sync symbol in the upper left corner starts turning. No issues with the Android App, everything works fine. Only on Win11 with GDrive sync active the App can not be used since weeks now. I can not use the tool as long as i am connected to the internet. Currently, to get my login data, i hav to turn my internet off in order to start Enpass and copy the login credentials and afterwards turn the internet on again to paste the data. Right now i have reached a point where my patience for a new release with a fix is nearly at the end. I have to also negate the post of @richadam as the issue can be solved by either turning internet off or simply not connect GDrive for sync. This can not be related to the PC or missing drivers... Please @Manish Chokwal, could you give an update on that topic?
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