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  1. Hi, it seems I am not the only one - it really 'isn't funny'! Synchronization with OneDrive also stopped working, given me an error message - helpdesk couldn't solve that (either?). Had to synchronise my 2nd vault to a Google account. Now back to normal.
  2. Hi, I have the same issue. I have previously used KeePass (but not available for Mac OS), imported all entries from KeePass to Enpass via CSV. All fine so for. However, when I try to modify an existing entry (add new phone number or PIN field), nothing is accepted or saved. Sometimes Enpass crashes altogether. In other cases I can create a new field but can't change the name. Other times, I can change the name of the new field but when all is saved... the same entry I just made is gone. However, in other existing entries (here: airline log-in for AA) I could add a new field and it was saved + the field also deplays what I had saved previously. The program just seem to not work stable (crashes) or productively (can save new entries in exisitng fields) Version: 6.8.2 (1081) OS: Mac MacBook Air (M1 Chip); Monterey 12.5
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