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  1. Thanks for your help. I uninstalled and reinstalled using the link you provided. However, the store version installed 6.8.3 again and I couldn't find any option to remove me from the beta. Despite this, setting the app up over again resolved the issue with editing logins. It's still a little bit slower than 6.8.2 but it's not a big deal. If I have any further issues, I'll just install the non-store version.
  2. I'm on Windows 11 and used 6.8.2 without issue. Since my Windows Store version upgraded to 6.8.3 last week, I can no longer manually edit items. Right-clicking on an item does nothing. Double-clicking opens the item but if I select Edit with either the pencil or the 3 dots, it does nothing. Other functions are normal, except for the fact that this version is a bit sluggish compared to 6.8.2. It appears 6.8.3 is a beta. I don't specifically remember signing up for the beta program but perhaps I did years ago. Anyway, any ideas?
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