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  1. Now everything is fine again. Thnx
  2. Same here Opens and freezes Meanwhile iPad os 16.1
  3. perhaps this information might help you investigating our problem... crash.plist
  4. Sorry, it's an ipad air 4 not 2 On my son's ipad air 2 everything works fine
  5. the crash does not appear only with the webdav sync, but also when i try to make a new empty vault. It is done, i enter a password and everything seems to be ok. Starting enpass with this new and empty vault results in a crash after entering the password. It looks like enpass is opening the vault - validating is displayed - and then it crashes...
  6. On my iPad I'm not longer able to use enpass. During validating of the vault the app crashes What I did until now - delete and reinstall enpass - try with an empty vault nothing helps on my iPhone and my Windows Desktop everything works fine iPad Air 2 iPadOS 15.7 vault is on webdav at web.de Thanks for resolving this problem if any other information is needed, please tell me
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