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  1. Hi, are there any news about this? It's frustrating to have enpass crash after a while when I visited one of the sites where the login doesn't work. As the extension doesn't come up again every time even after a restart of enpass I have to copy/paste all the credentials manually - for me a no go! Please give me an Info until when the problems will be fixed otherwise I have to switch to another password-manager.
  2. hi @Abhishek Dewan, I sent you a screencast via Wetransfer to the mentioned mail address. Regrettably I can not reliably reproduce the crashing of the enpass app itself because I noticed that it sometimes crashes and then occasionally only some time after the browser-extension crashed. Maybe this only a coincidence, I don't know.... My system: iMac 24-inch, 2021 Chip: Apple M1
  3. @datareposyes, your issue sounds pretty similiar to mine. Maybe it's an issue with a mac- or browser-update?!
  4. Hi, I use various different VPN types and clients depending on the project, but the mentioned URL is accessible without VPN and the result is the same concerning the enpass-extension without VPN.
  5. Hi! I uninstalled Enpass and the Extension, without success. First the problem seemed to be fixed, but now the extension is crashing again and sometimes the app itself too (after some time?) after visiting the site. To answer your questions: There are other urls as well with the same problems, but they lie behind a VPN so you can not access them: The software (and the login) behind is the same as in the example. But: All that worked for a long time without any problems. The extension does not react any more when entering the loginpage. Clicking into the form fields doesn't do anything. The same when hitting the extension-icon in the browser-bar. The app is not crashing when disconnected from web and doesn't crash reproducably every time on the mentioned site. Synchronisation is done via webdav.
  6. Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Regrettably neither an error nor a crash report is shown, the extension simply stops working and does not react any more when clicking the icon in the login-field of the website or clicking the extension-icon in the browser-bar. Once I have visited the site the extension is broken. Sometimes the enpass-app itself crashes as well (showing the "disc of death"), but thats's not reliably reproducable. Regards
  7. Hello, since yesterday I'm experiencing problems with the chrome extension for mac. If I visit the following site the extension does not react anymore (neighter by clicking on the extension-icon in the browser bar nor by trying to fill in credentials in the login form nor by visiting another site, where enpass still works as expected). In most cases enpass crashes totally and only a restart of the app will help. Website: https://tracker.censhare.de/censhare5/client/ I'm using Chrome 106.0.5249.91, Mac OS Monterey 12.6, Extension 6.8.0, Enpass 6.8.3. Thanks for any help. Regards
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