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  1. I use the latest Firefox 107 on iOS/iPadOS, Enpass is also installed in the latest version 6.8.5 on iOS/iPadOS.
  2. I have to revise point 2.) Actually Safari works just fine, but Firefox produces the wrong password every time on all iOS/iPadOS-devices.
  3. 1.) If I show the password in Enpass on each of the devices, it is stored correctly. 2. ) I checked with the latest Safari and Firefox on both iOS, iPadPOS and macOS. 3.) Enpass is autofilling the username and password from the correct entry. 4.) I did that at least five times and it changes nothing.
  4. And the problem exists only for the one website: https://login.zeufix.de
  5. I tried deleting and creating an new entry for the website, but that doesn't work. The result is the same.
  6. Did exactly what you wrote, the probelm persists. All iOS/iPadOS-devices autofill the wrong password, all macOS-devices work correctly. On all iOS/iPadOS-devices the password in Enpass is stored correctly, but somehow filled in the wrong way.
  7. I use Enpass on my Macs (macOS 13.0) and iPads/iPhone (iOS/iPadOS 16). I added a new entry with 2FA for a webpage on my Mac and autofill and the login itself works just fine. The entry is correctly synced via iCloud to my iPad and shows up just fine, the login-name, password and 2FA-code are correct, but when I use autofill for this entry on the webpage, the password is wrong. What's happening here?
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