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  1. Hello! Any idea when this new release will come? My Enpass says it is up2date but still has that issue 6.8.4 (1167)
  2. Cool, looking forward to it :-) Thank you for taking care!
  3. Ok, here is the video: I have enpass open on my external display (WQHD resolution). You can see me clicking on the enpass icon, then it flashes up and is gone, another click on the icon does nothing (it is open in the background) If I click on the browser (or somewhere else) it closes in the background hidden and I can click the icon again and you can see it flashing. After I clicked enpass icon, I can type my password (hidden) and then you can see it open with a very big font). I hope this clarifies what is happening My setup has one Laptop (4k) and 2 display (WQHD) When I move the browser to the laptop screen, enpass opens without issues. When I move the browser back on the display it will continue to work until I lock my screen. Then it is broken again.
  4. I am using Enpass 6.8.4 (1167) on Windows 11. I will try to make a video. Most of the time it is simply not popping up, hard to capture. I figured out, if this issue happens, I can move the browser on the other display, open enpass again and then move the browser back. THen enpass works
  5. Most of the time enpass doesn't properly work in my browser with my setup. I have one laptop screen with 4k and another external display with WQHD (Windows 11) When I click the enpass icon in my browser a) enpass is not visible, but I can type in the background to unlock and use the enpass dropdown on the input fields to select the password b) enpass is visible but the content of the popup is double the size so I can only see half it it c) it is shown normal - but that doesn't happen often Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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