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  1. Found this http://windowsitpro.com/security/checking-status-trusted-platform-module-command-line And tried, the results are: C:\WINDOWS\system32>wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm path win32_tpm get IsEnabled_InitialValue IsEnabled_InitialValue TRUE C:\WINDOWS\system32>wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm path win32_tpm get IsActivated_InitialValue IsActivated_InitialValue TRUE TPM 1.2 is older than 2.0 but the 2.0 is required for NEW hardware from July 2016 onwards so surely TPM 1.2 should also work with older laptops?
  2. Lenovo Thinkpad T530 with builtin factory fingerprint reader. TPM module v1.2 is seen in device manager. TPM is activated in the Bios. Windows Hello works perfectly in Win10 login etc But ENPASS when tryin the On -> Off -> On always says "due to hardware restrictions.. etc" and only logins with Hello after entering the master password once manually. Whats wrong? I tried also to setup Hello again but still the same warning in ENPASS. ENPASS would be perfect if you could instruct how to get the fingerprint to work? Is there a test app / site or something that could give more information, whats missing or setup wrong? I'm also willing to help and test if you need someone with Thinkpad. These Thinkpads are really common, does anyone use T420, T430, T520 or T530 with ENPASS, does it work for you?
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