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  1. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Thanks for the reply. I tried the first 2 steps with no luch, while for the 3rd one, I'm not using multiple vaults. I'm using enpass version 6.8.6(684). I'm not facing the issue on webpages, only apps Some apps like (CIB, ARABI-MOBILE, NBE MOBILE,Mashreq Egypt) and others.
  2. I need to know the solution as well, may you me to the this solution?
  3. I'm using iphone 13 pro max with ios 16.3 and the latest enpass version from the app store. When signing in to any application, there no way for enpass to recognize the application in order to suggest the correct login, it gives a message says "we could not find a corresponding item please try search", then it lists all available logins for me to choose from, is there a way to make enpass more smart?
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