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  1. Hi Abishek, thank you, good news. I can add that @DanielW is describing the exact same symptoms I was experiencing in SAP CPQ. On my end I was not able to reproduce it anymore, the problem has mysteriously disappeared a few days after the update of the Enpass extension. I haven't changed anything in the configuration, nor has our support team taken action. Good thing that the problem is gone, but unfortunately I don't know what fixed it.
  2. Hi Abhishek, thanks for the reply. The Enpass app is version 6.8.4 (1166). The Enpass extension is version 6.8.2. My browser is Google Chrome Version 109.0.5414.120 (Official Build) (64-bit). I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise, version 21H2, OS build 19044.2486 I would post a video but since today I can't seem to reproduce the problem. Will further monitor today & tomorrow & report back.
  3. Hi, since the update of the Enpass Chrome extension to 6.8.2 on Windows 10 Pro, it is interfering with fields like text fields and dropdowns on other websites. Depending on the field, I can't go to another field or can't open a dropdown to show the content and make a selection, the cursor also tends to jump to a totally different field way further down on the page when using TAB, etc. All of this works normally when the Enpass extension is disabled. I have other extensions active but those have no effect on the behaviour, the problems also clearly started right after the update to 6.8.2. This has happened before on an earlier update and went away with the update that followed (I can't recall which update it was). The website where I have the problem is typically SAP CPQ (cloud application from SAP). I now have to disable the extension when using SAP CPQ and reactivate it again when I perform a login. Are any known fixes available? Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Thanks.
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