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  1. Again a feature request that has been ignored for years. Guys look at our other feature request. Enpass is dead. No development anymore. Some features are requested for years. And everytime we get the message that they are working on it but things need to go through certain phases. If they can't update the software with these features for years what kind of a company is this. Strange right? We all should cancel our subscriptions with premium. Nothing premium about it. What was the latest big thing we had for feature requests. Years ago. Dead project or just 1 developer on their team If you guys look at the forums you can see that a lot of posts are from 2021 and never catched up. Give it up. We need to find something else.
  2. You guys created this years ago. So if testing development etc takes 3 years what to me looks like an easy job, it looks like no one is working on it. I mean the feature is already there. It wouldn't take a lot of time to develop this in a way that it can be shared through all vaults. Maybe a month. But not 3 years right.
  3. Couple of users requested changed to the categories/templates section. 3 years later and still nothing has been done with it. Is enpass still being developed? Or are the customers feedback not important anymore? What is going on. and
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